Device Control

KPAX is a centralized management solution for multi-brand office printing devices. Through a single interface, it provides access to information from all printing devices. Regardless of the number of locations, clients or devices, KPAX enables the implementation of Print Management Services (MPS) to reduce the financial and ecological costs of the fleet, in order to improve the quality of the service and develop new services. Independientemente del número de ubicaciones, clientes o dispositivos, KPAX permite la implementación de servicios de gestión de impresión (MPS) para reducir los costos financieros y ecológicos de la flota, con el fin de mejorar la calidad del servicio y desarrollar nuevos servicios.

Print Control

YSoft SAFEQ, our flagship document capture and print management solution, now powers a family of products for businesses of any size and is the foundation of the YSoft workflow solutions platform.

YSoft SAFEQ is designed as a software platform. Currently, the platform has three main product areas: print management, document capture, and 3D print management. Within these areas, the software is offered as a cloud-based service or as an on-premises solution.