Real automation of document management

neodoc is the most complete, agile and secure cloud platform for business content management and robotization of document processes

  • Receive documents from any source
  • Automatically extract and classify
  • Manage and collaborate from anywhere
  • Integrate with your core business applications

Design and parameterize

Create your own solution, defining types of data, metadata, build workflows adapted to your processes, assign users and identify roles and permissions for access to information.

neodoc Central has enough power and scalability to achieve a global solution with a single platform regardless of the problem, area or department

Create and store

Incorporate content into your workflows through different input channels, virtual trays, dynamic forms, capture robots, email, mass imports or through our API.

neodoc Central offers you the necessary flexibility when it comes to creating and storing content in the most automatic and adapted way possible

Manage and share

Manage all your content on a single platform no matter where you are: create and assign tasks or alarms, incorporate revision and versioning processes, edit online and share the information with whoever you need.

neodoc central offers the necessary tools and functionalities to work in an agile and simple way, increasing the productivity of work teams

Search and retrieve

Quickly and accurately find content, no matter where it’s stored. Locate the information by filtering by typology, metadata or even within the content of the documents.

With neodoc Central, you won’t have to remember where you saved the information. Access it in a single click thanks to the power of the search engines it incorporates



Allows you to design and configure custom workflows to automate any type of process

Share and collaborate

Share information with your work teams, users external to the organization, in a simple way from a dedicated Web interface or direct link

Version control

Save new versions of documents automatically and control their history. Incorporates review and approval processes for new versions

Online edition

Edit office documents without downloading them by integrating the cloud applications MS Office 365 and Google Drive

Advanced search

Locate documents by content, metadata or tags. Save your most frequent searches as reports, to retrieve them at any time


neodoc records all the actions carried out on the documents as well as the author and date, obtain details of all this information as a report

Tasks and reminders

Coordinate and track pending tasks through a management system that integrates deadlines, priorities and responsibilities

Control Dashboard

neodoc Central has a control panel with a set of reports and graphic indicators to visually track all the processes

Advanced permissions

The system will allow the assignment of access permissions to users and groups. Roles will also be created in order to facilitate management

Access our API

Use our API to import or download documents, update metadata, or submit master data from external sources

Data export

Synchronize data and information with your ERP, CRM or corporate tool to interconnect processes in a coherent and complete way

Mobile App

Provide your teams with the perfect tool for capturing and accessing information on the go

They trust neodoc

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